Marketing Consultant

Scott's mission is to remind the world what they love about the products and services they use or desire, to manage and steward the brand, find new ways to communicate the company’s innovations, intentions, ideals, and vision.

Creative Director

As an executive creative director, Scott brings a fresh perspective. A perspective that rethinks and redesigns how people engage and interact with the brand.

Strategic Branding

As an innovative, tech-savvy, rules-breaking, progressive thinker who can apply the same level of creative originality and business impact to brand marketing and strategy, Scott seeks to push the boundaries of communication and extend the brand, while aligning with the established strategy, brand traditions and history.

Entrepreneurial Professional

As a self-motivated professional, Scott is an exceptionally creative and focused individual who is ready to infuse creative direction and vision, from concept through to execution, across multiple, integrated channels and campaigns.

Branding and Logo Design

As a thought leader, Scott is an instrumental force in driving brands to a new and existing customer base. He creates, defines and evolves the visual language across multiple channels to ensure that customer experiences tie into the company’s larger vision.

Web Design, Analysis & SEO

It's not just about good design. Combining SEO and Web Design can be a challenge because of the many factors to consider. The battles between the design, content, programming, marketing, and site optimization all need to be considered in creating a site that works for the client and the customers.

Social Media Engagement

Creating a greater customer experience. Engagement is not just a single interaction with one of your customers, but a open line of communication over a period of time. When we think about social media engagement, it’s about how you use networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to create a great customer experience.

Discipline Leader

As a discipline leader, able to establish and maintain effective relationships and gain trust and respect, Scott will grow and invigorate a community of visual design and marketing professionals whose work crosses products, geographies, and integrated media — putting the focus on “customer first”.

Inspirational Leader

As an inspirational leader, setting and maintaining high standards commensurate with the company’s creative expectations, Scott works to attract world-class design talent that establishes a marketing team as the company where marketing professionals want to be.