[title_box title=” Scott Ventura“]

Executive Creative Director

It’s about creating audience and customer-segmented, brand-right, highly relevant design and content that engage audiences, and above all, get them to do something.

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Design, marketing, mentoring and helping clients has never felt like a job, it’s a passion. Scott can’t imagine a more exciting time to be doing what he does for customers.

As a leader with the knowledge and experience to build brands and customer relationships; Scott also has the persuasive ability to successfully sell ideas, empower and inspire teams, and drive business goals. Scott is the authority on integrated marketing for clients who want to see and be seen. Scott leads them. He also follows them. He is one of them. Scott understands the importance of marketing and all of its components. He uses this knowledge to help people, brands and businesses understand the language and teach clients how to leverage it for immediate impact and return.

He is always up to date on the latest marketing, design, SEO and social trends, tools, techniques and technologies. Scott loves to break the mold and get creative. Successful engagement is based on connecting with what makes one unique and creating genuine content and experiences inspired by that differentiation. Scott helps make that happen for his clients.

Scott has successfully connected with clients locally, nationally and internationally such as Kraft Foods, Motorola, Life Fitness, Computer Discount Warehouse (CDW), United Airlines, Weldbend, MNJ Technologies, Credit Suisse, plus hundreds more through branding and marketing campaigns that have yielded 50-100% ROI. But even more importantly, helped establish them as brand “leaders” to their customers and demographic.

He is passionate about the marketing process and have experience with all facets of digital design and marketing trends. Scott helps clients strategize based on what makes them authentic and relevant to their industry and strategy. He creates and consults on design, marketing, strategy, and messaging and bring their brands to life through new business development, content and design strategy, traditional and emerging media, social media,search engine optimization, email and integrated marketing strategies.



[title_box title=”Core Values” custom_class=”center”]


Be the Best

Do is an attempt – Be is the determination.



Always Improve

Strive for constant and never-ending improvement.



Live with Integrity

Do what you say and say what you do.



Never Say Never

When knocked down, get up.



Follow the Golden Rule

Always treat others fairly, honestly and with respect.



Give Value

Provide innovative, quality services and creativity.



Help Others

Be helpful to all, at home and away.



Be the Captain

Earn respect – without blame or discredit.



Manage Resources Wisely

Do more with less. Don’t recommend anything for a customer that you wouldn’t do for your own business.



Always Smile

Let your smile change the world; Never let the world change your smile.











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