Dating service

Project Marketing Components:

  • Logo Design
  • Marketing

Project Description:

A “new” dating service called “Made to Match Club”, in hopes of competing with industry giant However, after meeting with the owner and assessing the brand’s image, a name change was strongly recommended.  The original name gave off a misconception rather than an upscale dating platform. Ultimately, it was agreed upon rebranding the service as “Attraxion”. In line with this change, it became crucial for the logo to exude sophistication and convey the high-end nature of their offerings.

The revamped and elegant Attraxion logo prominently incorporated an “X and O” within its typography, subtly symbolizing attraction between individuals with a red heart for the dot above the letter “i”. (The small distinguishing mark you see over a lowercase i and a lowercase j is called a “tittle”). A fun and classy logo in the quest for finding love.