October 3 is one of my favorite logos designed. October Three is an Actuarial Firm with the name being derived from the date the owner’s non-compete contract was no longer active.

Project Marketing Components:

  • Logo/Brand design
  • Identity Design

    Project Description:

    The logo design and branding experience began with the CEO asking a very unique logo- not typical of the industry.

    The logo design is ultra modern and totally removed from what a typical Actuarial firm brands themselves as, but this isn’t your typical firm so the design fits the company culture.

    The logo was designed with the “date” subtlely built into the design. By choosing the right font, It can be read three different ways, enforcing the 10-3 once again: in the O3 of the logo mark, in ‘October Three’ of the lettering, and within the typography ’10 3′ (TOB in October).

    Key Results

    • Established tone and direction
    • Very subtle and unique Brand design