OSM Worldwide, offers shipping parcels, business mail, publications, and advertising mail to domestic and international parcel delivery as a partner to the USPS.

Project Marketing Components:

  • Website Re-Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Print Design
  • Brand naming
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Media Management

    Project Description:

    The CEO of One Stop Mailing (OSM) wanted a brand to look much larger then they were to compete with FedEx and UPS. The OSM Worldwide logo design is bold and crisp, instilling a sense of urgency in the viewer. This only strengthens the brand identity as the client is in the mailing and shipping which thrives on deadlines and timely delivery.

    The logo itself is versatile and is comprised of the initials of the company and instills a sense of fast delivery with a strike going the middle of the design. The design is dynamic and versatile enough to be used on several different media and color combinations.

    Key Results

    • Established brand naming, tone and direction; ensured consistent distribution across all marketing channels.
    • OSM is on Crane’s Chicago 50 Fastest Growing Businesses for the last 10 years, and is slated to earn over $100M this fiscal year. This success is due in part from the redesign and revitalization of OSM’s brand identity.

    Client Testimonial

    “You took my business to the next level”

    Gaston Curk