PrimeGuard Medical® has a patented new platform of securement devices, to reduce the risk of infections, improve safety and save costs. The initial family of products, our Guard360® line, is designed to create 360 degrees of stabilization for peripheral IV’s and Foley catheters. For use in hospitals, long-term care facilities and patients at home.

Project Marketing Components:

  • Logo Design

Project Description:

Designing a new brand for Prime Guard Medical proved to be quite a challenge. However, the end results were nothing short of magnificent.

The logo’s creativity is ideal for this company and its products, particularly in securing patient IV lines for hospital use. The logo incorporates a representation of the IV line being securely fastened, with the line running through the entire name within the logo. This clever design element also splits the letter “M” horizantally,  creating the formation of the word “IV” within the M itself. The selection of the typeface was crucial in ensuring the success of this design.